Review of Faucet

Among many Bitcoin faucets over the internet, is one the oldest and most reliable bitcoin faucet. Here I mention some points to prove my word.


They offer three types of payment.

  1. AUTO: If you enable this and your balance is greater than 0.00030000 BTC then it will automatically withdraw to your bitcoin wallet every Sunday.
  2. SLOW: If you want to withdraw your bitcoin now then you can use this. It takes 6-24 hours to withdraw.
  3. INSTANT: If you don’t want to wait for 6-24 hours then you can use this to withdraw your bitcoin but you have to pay a higher fee for this. It takes 15 minutes to withdraw.

User Interface

Rather than other bitcoin faucets, it has a great user interface. No ads, No time-consuming captcha. Just clean. I still remember when I discovered and was astonished by how well done the site is in comparison to other Bitcoin faucets, how fast the site loaded and after receiving my first payout how it has consistently been a reliable source of Bitcoins for me.

Obviously these sort of faucets operate on the premise that the owners earn for the advertisements that are displayed so I highly advise that you do NOT run an Adblock software when visiting these sort of sites because if the owners can’t cover the operation costs they will likely take sites down such as this one but the owner of has done a great job of balancing the faucet with advertisements that aren’t overly in your face, aren’t spawning any pop-up advertisements and they are spaced out enough.

Referral System

Among all of the features, my favorite one is its referral system. They give 50% referral commissions and to encourage referral some of your earning to them just I do. If you become my referral and earn then I will return you 25% back to you. Here is a link

The bottom line is that is a great Bitcoin faucet and a great way to earn some coins for relatively low effort. The captchas are easy to complete, the payouts range, and the site loads fast.

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