How to install WordPress on Bluehost? Complete Instruction (2020)

So, you want to know how to install WordPress on Bluehost? Right!

As you know, WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) for blogger. About 1/3 of the website all over the internet are powered by WordPress.

WordPress is easy to install, packed with great features and wide community support for developers since it was first released.

You can make any kind of website by using WordPress just you have to choose a right theme. You can get awesome WordPress theme in ThemeForest.

In this tutorial, you will get complete instruction from creating an account on Bluehost to installing WordPress website.

Creating account on Bluehost

Step 1 : Choose Plan

Go to Bluehost, and click on Get Started

Get started
Get started

If you are creating a new WordPress website then Basic plan is best for you.

If you want to create more than one website then go with Plus.

If you already have a website and want to transfer your website on Bluehost then you know which is best suit you.

For this tutorial, I select Basic plan.

Choose plan
Choose plan

Step 2 : Set up your domain

If you already purchased a domain then you can enter that domain name on Use a domain you own.

If you want a new domain for your WordPress website (its free registration) then enter the domain name on Create a new domain. If it is available, you can click on Next.

Set up your domain
Set up your domain

Step 3 : Create your account

Now you need to give some of your personal information to create a account. You need to enter your First name, Last name, Business name if you own a business, County, Street Address, City, State, Zip Code, Phone Number, and working Email Address.

Create your account
Create your account

Inside Package Information and Account Plan : Select a time period, you will get big discount if you select longer time period.

Account Plan
Account Plan

Step 4 : Make payment

Fill out your credit card information. Check the TOS, Cancelation Policy and Privacy Policy and click Submit.

Payment information
Payment information

Installing WordPress on Bluehost

After you sign up, Bluehost will automatically install WordPress under your domain name. To manage your site, just you have to login into your Bluehost account, and you’ll find your WordPress site under My Sites tab.

My site page
My Site Page

You can visit to your WordPress admin page via Log into WordPress button.

Another method to create WordPress site in Bluehost.

Step 1 : Create Site

Login into your Bluehost account goto -> My Sites -> Create Site

Create new site in Bluehost
Create new site in Bluehost

Stpe 2 : Fill up website information

You need to enter Site Name and Site Tagline. Later you can change this information so no need to worry on what should I write.

Site Name and Tagline
Site Name and Tagline

Step 3 : Select a domain name

If you have already purchased a domain name from Bluehost, then you can select it from the dropdown menu. You can also add more domain names to your account by visiting the Domains page from the hosting dashboard.

Choose a domain name
Choose a domain name

After you select your desire domain name you can leave the directory blank but if you want to install WordPress in sub-folder of your main domain name then you have to specify that.

For example; let say you have a domain name and you want to install WordPress on then after you select, you have to write blog in the Directory.

Bluehost show you some essential plugins that you can install. Then click Next.

Step 4 : Your website is ready to visit

Your website is ready
Your website is ready

After you click a Next button, Bluehost will install WordPress for you and in a few moment, you will get success message with Installation Details. You will also receive this details in your email.

You can enter your WordPress admin page by clicking on Login to WordPress.

Well done, you have install your WordPress website in your Bluehost account.

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